Division Rules

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Adults 18 years and over

1. Please read and follow all the important information and rules on the website.
2. ALL pictures must be framed and ready to hang; all small articles must be mounted.
3. Design size, NOT FRAME SIZE, is to be used for pictures in Section C, Classes 6 thru 14.
4. Commemorative category to include weddings, births, graduations, etc.
5. Group Projects (Section C-22) may be entered by any non-professionals when more than one person is involved in the work, listing the group involved on the entry form.
6. For judging purposes, name of stitchers must be covered on projects (i.e., masking tape over signatures).
7. More than 15 entries in any class will be subdivided by Chairperson prior to judging.
Adults 18 years and over


Class 85 - In honor of the anniversary of the Middlesex County Fair, this special category will include any Needlework technique which would have been used in 1938, and have a subject relating to Middlesex County as it existed in 1938 when the Fair was established. Along with the item submitted there should be a 3"x5" index card with the technique listed and a brief explanation of the choice of subject matter. Items will be judged on both the technique and the subject matter.


Class 1 - Counted bead work - any item
Class 2 - Duplicate Stitch - any item
Class 3 - Waste canvas (x-stitch) - any item
Class 4 - Hardanger
a) large
b) small
c) ornament
d) cards
Class 5 - Pulled thread work - any item
Class 6 - Swedish Weaving
a) large
b) small
Class 7 - Blackwork - any item
a) large
b) small
Class 8 - Decorative stitches (i.e., band samplers) - any item
Class 9 - Stitching over 1 thread - any item
Class 10 - Edgings (specialty stitches to finish items not in frames) - any item
Class 11 - Canvaswork (not needlepoint) - any item
Class 12 - combined techniques
Class 13 - Any other article.


Class 1 - Decorations (wall hangings, bell pulls, banners)
Class 2 - Household Accessories
a) large (i.e.; tablecloths)
b) small (i.e.; towels, pillowcases)
Class 3 - Pictures
Class 4 - Holiday item
Class 5 - "Wearables" - any item
Class 6 - Sampler
Class 7 - Items in sets
Class 8 - Any other article


Class 1 - Decorations (wall hangings, bell pulls, banners)
a) non-holiday
b) holiday
Class 2 - Household Accessories (single items)
a) large items (tablecloths, runners, pillowcases, etc.)
b) medium items (fingertip towels, placemats, breadcloths, etc.)
c) small items (magnets, coasters, sachets, bookmarks, etc.)
Class 3 - Decorated objects
a) large items (wooden jewel boxes, shelves, etc.) over 6"
b) medium items (keepsake boxes, address books, etc.)
c) small (tin-toppers, ring boxes, etc.)
d) three-dimensional objects (ornaments, mobiles, etc.)
e) items in acrylic (trivets, paperweights, snow globes, coasters, etc.)
Class 4 - Cards and/or tags (birthday greeting cards, Christmas gift tags, etc.)
a) special occasion
b) holiday
Class 5 - Stitching on needlework accessories (i.e.; bicornu, chatelaines, spindles)
Class 6 - Pictures: design size UNDER 5" x 7", Aida
Class 7 - Pictures: design size UNDER 5" x 7", other fabric
Class 8 - Pictures: design size 5" x 7" to 9" x 12", Aida
Class 9 - Pictures: design size 5" x 7" to 9" x 12", other fabric
Class 10 - Pictures: design size 11" x 14" to 16" x 20", Aida
Class 11 - Pictures: design size 11" x 14" to 16" x 20", other fabric
Class 12 - Pictures: any other size - Aida
Class 13 - Pictures: any other size - other fabric
Class 14 - Pictures: 3-D
Class 15 - Samplers
a) alphabet
b) verse
c) commemorative
d) band
e) motifs or medallions
f) pictorial
g) mini: design under 5" x 7"
Class 16 - Computer-enhanced stitchery (e.g., x-stitch picture stitched from photo)
Class 17 - Miniatures (design area less than 3 inches)
Class 18 - Holiday item
a) large picture
b) small picture
c) stocking
d) ornament
e) tree skirt
f) decorations in acrylic (trivets, globes, etc.)
g) household accessories (towels, runners, etc.)
h) free-standing
i) Any other
Class 19 - Non-traditional base (x-stitch on paper, vinyl, Aida-Plus, etc., as in mugs, sippycups, ornaments, etc.)
a) household
b) holiday
c) picture
Class 20 - Items decorated with stitch-bands (Ribband ornaments, stitch-band baskets, etc.), any item
Class 21 - Items in sets (mugs, coasters, towels, etc.)
a) Household
b) Holiday
Class 22 - Group Project: work done by more than one person (i.e. Round-Robin Groups)
Class 23 - Free-standing - any item
Class 24 - Embellished items (x-stitch embellished with beads, buttons, and
specialty fibers, etc.), any item
a) large
b) small
Class 25 - Afghans/blankets (unquilted)
Class 26 - Stitching on large stitch fabric (counts 4-12) - any item
Class 27 - Stitching on small stitch fabric (40 count or greater) - any item
Class 28 - Stitching on specialty fabric (i.e. stamped or dyed) - any item
Class 29 - Novelty Design item
Class 30 - Any other item


Class 1 - Apparel (i.e.; collars, belts, hats, aprons, bibs, booties, hairclips, etc.)
a) adult
b) child
Class 2 - Accessories (i.e. totebags, bookcovers, eyeglass cases, etc.)
a) adult
b) child
Class 3 - Jewelry (i.e. pins, watchbands, necklaces, etc.) - any item
Class 4 - Any other item


For exhibitors 13-17 years of age.
Use same Sections and Classes as adults.


For exhibitors 12 years and younger.
Use same Sections and Classes as adults.


For exhibitors of any age with special developmental needs and abilities.
Use same Sections and Classes as adults.