Home Arts

Home Arts

One of New Jersey's largest home arts shows, the Middlesex County Fair home arts show accepts hundreds of entries ranging from quilts to ornate cakes. The home arts competition is located in the home arts building adjacent to gate one and the fair administration building. The co-chairpersons are Kathleen Donahue and Sheila Angalet.
To enter, download our entry form below and or email our home arts team at entry@middlesexcountyfair.com.

The Fairgoers Choice Award winner is Christina Romatowski from East Brunswick for her "The Zipper" painting.

The Charity Cake Challenge winner is Janice Labos from Monroe Twp. for her Sugar Cookie Tray.

Key Deadlines

Pre-registration deadline is Friday July 28, 2023
Entry Day is Sunday Aug. 6, 2023

Entry Guidelines

Visit the fair website (www.middlesexcountyfair.com) or your local library to see the hundreds of classes in 17 divisions you may enter, and to obtain an entry form.

Mail entry forms to the address on the form or listed under entry chairperson. E-mail forms to entry@middlesexcountyfair.com.

Pre-registration deadline is Friday July 28, 2023
Entry Day is Sunday Aug. 6, 2023. We will register you at that time.

There are separate divisions for adults, children (by age) and special participants.

You do not have to live in Middlesex County to enter. Everyone is welcome.

All entries remain on display in the Home Arts building for the duration of the fair.

E-mail questions to homearts@middlesexcountyfair.com.


This event will benefit Replenish, a food pantry serving Middlesex County. There are two ways for you to participate. 1. Enter a decorated cake. 2. Vote for the winner by making a monetary donation.

All decorated cakes brought to the fairgrounds 655 Cranbury Rd. East Brunswick, NJ 08816 on entry day Sunday August 6, 2023 will automatically be entered into the contest.

Each cake will be placed on display in the Home Arts building for the entire fair.

There will be a numbered container corresponding to a cake with the same number. You vote for the winning cake by placing your donation in the container of the cake you wish to win. As we wish everyone to be able to participate, you will be able to place any amount of money in the container. 1 cent = one vote, 10 cents = 10 votes, $1 = 100 votes etc. All proceeds will be donated to MC Foods at the end of the fair. We hope you will be as generous as possible.

This contest is open from Mon. Aug. 7th at 5 p.m. to Sat. Aug. 12th at 11 p.m. Winner will be announced at 1 p.m. on Sunday Aug. 13th.

The cake with the most votes will receive a special ribbon.

Please direct any questions to Kathy at homearts@middlesexcountyfair.com or call 732-826-3881.