The Middlesex County Fair Association has stayed true to its mission of advancing agriculture, education, and the greater Middlesex County community for 81 years. Founded in 1938, the association is a private, non-profit organization that derives its funding from operation of the annual Middlesex County Fair. It is managed by a board of trustees consisting of local farmers and community volunteers, with sponsorship from the Middlesex County Board of Agriculture. The annual fair, held the first full week of August each year on the Middlesex County Fairgrounds in East Brunswick, N.J., attracts more than 85,000 visitors of all ages from across the New York metropolitan area each year. Through its operation of the fair, the association donates thousands of dollars to local high schools, first responders, and charities that serve its mission. To learn more about the fair, visit www.middlesexcountyfair.com

"The purposes for which this corporation is formed are: to hold an agricultural fair of an educational nature, to advance the agricultural and industrial interests of Middlesex County, to encourage better relationships between rural and urban people, to maintain increasingly higher standards in homemaking practices..."

-An Excerpt from the 1938 Charter of the Middlesex County Fair Association.