Biography-David Barclay

David Barclay was born into a farming family in Cranbury, NJ. The Barclay family had a long history of farming, starting with his great grandfather Ezekiel, who incorporated Chamberlin & Barclay in 1904. Growing up in rural Cranbury David started working on his father's farm at age eleven. In the sixties and seventiespotato farming was thriving. When David's grandfather Isaiah passed away in 1968 his father Bill Barclay became President of Chamberlin & Barclay.

David worked at C&B during high school, and then attended Brandywine College. After college David joined C&B full time, starting with driving the delivery truck. Learning the business from the ground up, and interacting with all the customers provided the foundation for managing the business. David worked closely with John Stark, the chemical engineer that devised the fertilizer formulas, to become an expert at producing customized fertilizer blends. Before the 1980s C&B used ammoniated fertilizers, being one of the first in NJ to use that process.

David recalls using dynamite to blast apart 300 tons of compacted fertilizer. In that day and age C&B employed around thirty employees to service the large number of farmers in the area. During the eighties C&B switched to granular blended fertilizers, due to the smaller environmental impact. David became President of Chamberlin & Barclay in the mid­ nineties when his father Bill took a step back from running the business.For over forty years David worked tirelessly to service famers and distributors from Maryland to New York.

David would like to thank all his loyal customers over the years for partneringwith C&B, contributing to NJ's agricultural production of over $1B. David is now enjoying semi-retirement with his wife, threedaughters and three grandchildren.
Between hunting, fishing, and skiing -David is working as an independent salesman with Helena, still serving his loyal customers.