The trustees of the Fair created a FARMER OF THE YEAR program in 1992. Now, during every year of the Fair, an individual is selected as the FARMER OF THE YEAR. The selection has been made by the Middlesex County Board of Agriculture and the award will be presented by the Fair Association during the Fair. A permanent plaque is mounted in the lobby of the Fair Office listing the names of those selected as the years go by.

The Farmer of the Year Award for 2018 has been granted to Shaun Hulchy. In addition, the Fair also names a VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR each year. The Volunteer of the Year Award for 2018 will be presented to Valerie Rabinskas .

The PRESENTATIONS will be held on Monday, August 6th, at 6:00 PM.

Farmer of the Year

Inaugural Class

In recognition of the founders of the Middlesex County Fair Association

1938-1992 Albert F. Foerter
1938-1992 Lawrence J. Smith
1938-1992 Russell B. Herbert
1938-1992 Joseph J. Smith
1938-1992 Edgar V. Renk
1938-1992 Clarence Hunkle

Biography of Shaun Hulchy

Farmer of the Year

Shaun Hluchy, son of Robert and Joyce Hluchy and brother to Bobby, Renee and Bill, was raised on a Middlesex county farm running machines and working ground in the summer and after school at a very young age. As a child he spent weekends baling and selling hay and straw with his brothers and father, as well as joining in on the process of farming grain, soy beans and corn.

For Shaun, the expansion into the nursery operation in which he is involved in today, began around age 9 by producing mums. He and his twin brother were solely responsible for all facets of growing and selling. Through this, Shaun’s father recognized an opportunity in the potential for this market and decided to explore further.

Robert Hluchy started to purchase smaller liner type material and Shaun, his brothers and father learned the process of growing. Over time, greenhouses were assembled and growing areas expanded. As the market began to prosper, they expanded the plant material through trial and error with various growing techniques and all the time acquiring additional property. While in high school, Shaun dreamed to become a landscape architect. He entered and graduated from Cook College earning a Bachelors of Science degree in Environmental Planning and Design in 2005.

During his final years of college, the sudden passing of his father changed his focus to help keep the family businesses together. A local farmer, and close family friend, Donald Johnson Junior of Johnson Farms in Deerfield New Jersey, became a mentor to him. He guided him in creating contacts with farmers near and far thus gaining invaluable knowledge about growing and that helped develop Tidbury Creek Farms Nursery into the operation it is today. Shaun’s main daily responsibilities include acquiring and selling material, touring nurseries throughout the country, attending local and national tradeshows, managing staff and as well as maintaining the material on site. The relationship with his brothers is integral in that they utilize each other’s skills to grow, maintain and wholesale a diverse selection of trees, shrubs and evergreens from various properties throughout Middlesex County.

Winners Since 1993

  • 1993 Roman Clark
  • 1994 Willets Griffin
  • 1995 Kelmer Keleman
  • 1996 Roy Etsch
  • 1997 Rudy Wellnitz
  • 1998 Robert VonThun, Sr.
  • 1999 George Conover
  • 2000 Arthur Danser
  • 2001 Donald Patterson
  • 2002 Byrne Brothers
  • 2003 James Etsch
  • 2004 John J. Hauser
  • 2005 William Griffin
  • 2006 Alan M. Habiak
  • 2007 Patricia Jaccoma
  • 2008 James Giamerese
  • 2009 Robert E. Hluchy, Jr.
  • 2010 Al Danser
  • 2011 Clarence W. Dey, Jr.
  • 2012 Roman W. Clark, Jr.
  • 2013 Bob VonThun Jr.
  • 2014 David Byrne
  • 2015 Robert Balz
  • 2016 Erik Hague
  • 2017 Elias Oliveira