The trustees of the Fair created a FARMER OF THE YEAR program in 1992. Now, during every year of the Fair, an individual is selected as the FARMER OF THE YEAR. The selection has been made by the Middlesex County Board of Agriculture and the award will be presented by the Fair Association during the Fair. A permanent plaque is mounted in the lobby of the Fair Office listing the names of those selected as the years go by.

The Farmer of the Year Award for 2018 has been granted to Shaun Hulchy. In addition, the Fair also names a VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR each year. The Volunteer of the Year Award for 2018 will be presented to Valerie Rabinskas .

The PRESENTATIONS will be held on Monday, August 6th, at 6:00 PM.

Learn more about our awards and view past and present winners:

Volunteer of the Year

Farmer of the Year

High School Scholarship Recipients:

Angelena Guzzi

Angelena Guzzi is a life long resident of Dunellen, a square mile town on the border of Middlesex County. She's a senior at Dunellen High School and is grateful that her small school has granted opportunities to achieve greatness that others might not have gotten the chance to - such as this scholarship. Angelena plans on attending Seton Hall University's College of Nursing in this coming fall. Angelena wants to thank her younger brother, Anthony and older sister, Isabella for their constant support and motivation and she also wants to thank her mom, Kate and dad, Tony for giving all Angie all that she could ever need to succeed. She is excited to accept this scholarship as she moves forward to extending her education!