The trustees of the Fair created a FARMER OF THE YEAR program in 1992. Now, during every year of the Fair, an individual is selected as the FARMER OF THE YEAR. The selection has been made by the Middlesex County Board of Agriculture and the award will be presented by the Fair Association during the Fair. A permanent plaque is mounted in the lobby of the Fair Office listing the names of those selected as the years go by.

The Farmer of the Year Award for 2018 has been granted to Shaun Hulchy. In addition, the Fair also names a VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR each year. The Volunteer of the Year Award for 2018 will be presented to Valerie Rabinskas .

The PRESENTATIONS will be held on Monday, August 6th, at 6:00 PM.

Learn more about our awards and view past and present winners:

Volunteer of the Year

Farmer of the Year

High School Scholarship Awards:

Willietta Gombeh

Willietta Gombeh, I am a graduate of New Brunswick High School. In the fall I will be attending Middlesex County College for one year then transferring to Rutgers, where I will be majoring in Public Health and international relations. From there I plan on going for my Ph.D. in Public Health, the area of concentration is still undecided. My Career goal is to become Global Goodwill Ambassador.

Willietta's Bio: I have been very fortunate to hold various offices and recognition such as President of Bridge to Employment, 2016 Bank of America Student Leader, but the title that I am most proud of is currently co-founder of a non-profit my uncle and I started in Sierra Leone West Africa, which is named Compassion for Peace and Child Survival Sierra Leone, or “CPCSSL” for short. Here at Compassion, we strive to serve, advocate, and rehabilitate those who are less fortunate. Our slogan is “We are a global community solving individual problems. This slogan is the pinnacle of our core belief that it takes a village to raise a child. What symbolically we are doing here tonight. Here at Compassion, we firmly believe that if we can impact one life then we have done our job. My non-profit caters to the holistic needs of children in Sierra Leone primarily affected by poverty, recent outbreaks of Ebola and the repercussions of the gruesome civil war. By providing these children money to pay not only for their education but access to medical care and basic necessities we assure that these children reach their full potential. This particular project is entitled “Project Learn” Currently, we are sponsoring the education of 11 deserving students, from all educational backgrounds, interest and grade level. This will be a lifelong project, as we hope to have a graduation process and potentially grow with our students throughout their academic careers. Our next initiative is entitled “Project Empower” which is geared towards specifically empowering women to take on what usually was considered “patriarchal roles”. In this project, we have partnered with women who are entrepreneurs in the farming industry. We plan to partner with them, by supplying them the seeds, connecting them with lenders, and customers, as well as providing them money management and financial literacy classes. I would love to build my nonprofit to the notoriety of the “Red Cross” that way I can impact lives all over the globe, but as for now I am stationed in Sierra Leone, helping one life at a time, doing what I now God has placed on my heart. You can learn more about us at My primary role at Compassion is to globalize the brand, raise awareness, and direct donations to the organization. The main reason I am going to college is to gain the credentials and foundation needed in order for me to make an impact in the world around me. I am so grateful for scholarships such as The Middlesex County Fair Scholarship for believing and investing in me.

Theresa Abner

Theresa Abner lives with her parents and two sisters, Catherine and Maria in Woodbridge Township, where she recently graduated from Woodbridge High School. While in high school she participated in several activities including Marching Band, Spirit Cheer, the Spring Musical, Concert Choir, Audio Visual Club, Chinese Honor Society and National Honor Society. Theresa has also spent many hours devoting her time to her community as a volunteer at Saint Andrew Parish in Avenel as an altar server, Kids in the Park, P.A.C.E., Rachel's House, Woodbridge Public Library, Friends of Plays in the Park, Senior Olympics and Chinese Emersion Program. Within the past year she has received several awards including the Saint Timothy Award, and the Woodbridge Township Youth Community Volunteer Award. This fall Theresa will be attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City where she plans on earning her Associate Degree in Interior Design and her Bachelors Degree in Interior or Toy Design. In the future Theresa hopes to become a Disney Imagineer.